Cruise Lines - Commercial

·  Charter Parties

·  Cabin Purchase Agreements

·  General Sales Agent Agreements

·  Travel Agent Agreements

·  Passenger ticket terms and conditions

·  Brochure terms and conditions

·  Air charters

·   Hotel Agreements

·  Barter Agreements

·  Software Licenses

·  Trademarks and Intellectual Property

·  Advertising

·  Travel insurance

·  Consulting Agreements

·  Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements

Cruise Lines - Fleet

·  Sale and purchase contracts and closings

·  Financing

·  Ship registration in most jurisdictions including Liberia, Bahamas, Panama

·   US regulation, including FMC, USCG and CBP

·  Marine insurance, including P&I and hull and machinery

Cruise Lines - Onboard

·  Concession Agreements, including catering, casinos, shops, spa, show, photo and auction

·  Shore Excursion Agreements

·  Risk management for shore excursions

·  Insurance

·  Crew Contracts

·  Accident procedures and policy manual

·  Disabled passenger procedures and policy manual

·  Procurement

·  Port operations

·  Americans with Disabilities Act

·  Government approval and commercial agreements for special projects, such as private islands and ports

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